Saturday, January 30, 2010

No (translation... snow)

We got about 4 inches of great thick snow yesterday but then overnight it was covered with an inch of ice so it pretty much just turned into an ice rink... Not very fun for making snow men. We took Trace out for a few minutes... he prefers to run to the back door and scream "no, no" from inside the house! : ) How long till April?

Sunday, January 24, 2010

In the closet

Trace hasn't hit the "I'm afraid of the dark" stage yet because he loves going into the closet which has no light. I keep a lot of his toys on shelves in the closet under the stairs. Not only will he go in there by himself to get things but he goes in and shuts the door... He keeps me laughing... (this video was taken in December but was too cute not to share)

I was back at the doctor with him today. 102 fever... and he still has an ear infection. He had one two weeks ago and they put him on antibiotics for five days. Today we are starting a stronger one for 10 days. Pray it works... He felt terrible all day... (i.e. I got lots of snuggle time!)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

January 2010

Trace bundled up for school! It's been a COLD January. We are ready for some warmer weather.
It snowed on Thursday. Unfortunately, we were on our way to the doctors office. Trace has an ear infection (one tube is MIA, please please, don't let these ear infections repeat). We got him on medicine and he seems to be feeling a little better. It has really hurt him, he rarely cries at night and he will wake up crying. I am keeping him on Motrin to ease that pain. Hope it gets better soon!

Christmas 2009

Bath Time Fun
Christmas morning in front of Grandma's tree

Grandma and Trace, Christmas morning

Trace and Logan with their stockings

Trace bringing in the big one!

A new book! With Micky Mouse! Yeah Santa

Trace and Mommy opening presents with Elmo

Christmas was so much fun. We had Christmas morning with everyone at Grandmas house. I love being there with everyone. Lots of eating and lots of relaxing. A great Christmas!

catching up!

A few pictures that we took in Mom's backyard at Thanksgiving.

Samantha and Tilly
Me, Kristen and Michelle

Trace found a flower

My beautiful girls... Leah, Samantha and Laura

Leah, Samantha, Trace and Laura

They love that little man!

Trace and Mommy

Aunt KK, Aunt Shell and Trace

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Getting Ready

Trace had a busy day pulling out every toy that he owns today...
Where is my little Eagle?

Trace is ready for his Elfin duties!!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Breakfast With(out) Santa!

Today was breakfast with Santa at school and Trace was NOT impressed! Oh well... at least I can check one more thing off my list.
Picture with Santa 2009 = DONE! : )